What is Conveyancing

In law,conveyancing is the transfer of legaltitle ofproperty from one person to another, or the granting of anencumbrance such as amortgage or alien.

What is a Mortgage?

Amortgage loan is aloan secured byreal property through the use of amortgage note which evidences the existence of the loan and theencumbrance of that realty through the granting of amortgage whichsecures the loan.

What is a Contractor?

A contractor can be anyone who agrees to fulfill the terms of a legally binding agreement. Most commonly, the term 'contractor' is used to describe an expert in theconstruction industry who hires skilled and unskilled workers to actually construct a financed project. A contractor must be licensed by an examining board before he or she can bid on the project. This bid is based on the estimated cost of the building materials, the wages ofsubcontractors and laborers and the contractor's fee for coordinating the project.

What is transactional law?

if it is not criminal or civil litigation, Transactional lawyers are problem solvers; they are "can do" lawyers.

Here, you will learn the skills you will need to practice transactional law:

  • Interviewing
  • Negotiating
  • Drafting
  • Business planning
  • Counseling your clients

What is a Joint Venture?

A Joint Venture is an entity formed between two (2) or more parties to carry out activity of an economic nature.

The parties create a new entity by both contributing equity. For example, a land owner contributes his land the other party contributes project financing and/ or its project construction expertise.

They then share in the revenues, costs and control of the enterprise.

A JV may be for a specific project only or structured as a continuing business relationship.

It may take the form of a company, Contract, partnership, trust or any other legal structure that the parties may favour owing to their considerations such as tax, management and developers liability.

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